Aims and Scope

Journal of Kurdish Literature is the academic peer review journal of Kurdistan Studies Institute of the University of Kurdistan in Sanandaj in Iran. JOKL is published under supervision of the editorial board of the journal. The major objective of the journal is to provide constructive grounds for the analytical and critical study of the different aspects of Kurdish literary texts, particularly in terms of critical perspectives and contemporary literary standpoints. JOKL focuses on the papers that are methodologically conducted and stylistically written; therefore, the historical period in which the text was produced is of secondary significance to the journal. JOKL seeks to provide a versatile context for an illuminating understanding of both classical and modern Kurdish literary heritage. The journal mostly focuses on the following categories:

The academic study of Kurdish literary works

New insights into the current Kurdish literary schools and trends

Illuminating research on Kurdish fiction, drama, and poetry

Reading contemporary literary works in terms of modern critical approaches

Introducing the style, poetics, and the rhetorical features of Kurdish literary works

Comparative study of Kurdish literature and the literature of other nations

Exploring oral Kurdish literature

Investigating different literary genres and sub-genres in the present time